List of Topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. introduction
  3. invitations
  4. friends
  5. groups and events
  6. rating

1. Pre-requisites

Please note that the information provided in this manual will only be visible on the E-Commerce after the configuration of the social-interaction settings (please click here for more details).

2. Introduction

Through the Social button, clients can have access to a series of interactions with other club members. For instance, they can invite friends to take part into fitness classes and personal-training sessions, join groups and related events, rate classes and check who's in the club at the moment (according to the privacy settings of each club member).

3. Invitations

The section dedicated to Invitations is divided into four parts:




Search Results

Web results

Search Results

Web resultÀ 



  • EVENTS (organised by the groups the user is member of)

4. Friends

(people who accepted the user's friendship requests)

A friend's access records and engagements can be checked by clicking on the friend's name, provided that the person's privacy settings allow the disclosure of such info.

FRIENDSHIP REQUEST  (the friend's email address must be inserted)

as an alternative, the system suggests the names of people who took part in the same activities of the user


  1. creation of a new group
  2. delete friends from the list of contacts: it will be possible to select which friends to remove from personal contacts

5. Groups and Events

In the section dedicated to groups and events, the following options are available:

  1. CREATE GROUP: insert the name of the group and an optional description
  2. DELETE SELECTED GROUPS: through the Actions button, a new button will pop up to delete the selected groups
  3. INVITE FRIENDS: next to each group there is a button to invite friends to join the group
  4. CREATE GROUP EVENT: members of the group can be invited to an event 
  5. DELETE/LEAVE THE GROUP: members can leave a group and administrators can permanently delete a group and all its events.

6. Rating

The rating section allows customers to rate the activities they have participated in (that is, their attendance has been marked for that specific class). One star is the lowest score while 5 stars is the highest score.