With SPORTRICK you can check the available spaces to enrol customers onto a course Click on Timetable -> Course Availability and apply the filters that you need (please note that the Season is mandatory):

  • Season
  • Sub-season
  • Activity
  • Skills
  • Trainer
  • Tags assigned to the courses

then click on Find to view the availability of courses divided by day and time. 

The system shows the sum of available places for the selected day and time. By clicking on the availability slot, a new table will appear with the details of all the related courses. 

For example, the filters selected in the picture below are swimming courses taking place between May and August. The system will show 15 places still available on Saturdays. By clicking on the number 15, a new table will show that there are three courses, each with 5 places available: beginner, intermediate and advanced course.

The icon is a shortcut to the list of participants, the icon is a shortcut to the waiting list for the course (see the corresponding manual for more details).