List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. pre-requisites
  3. configuration

1. Introduction

By setting a booking limit, it is possible to decide the maximum number of classes/services that a customer can book in a specific period of time. This ensures that participants always vary. 

2. Pre-requisites

Before reading this manual, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the concept of multipack, course and service. To revise, please refer to the following manuals:

3. Configuration

To determine which activities/services will be affected by the booking limit, it will be necessary to access the multipack details: 

  • multipack WITHOUT a pricelist: after adding to the multipack the desired activities/services available for booking, it will be necesssary to click on Edit to activate the limit (see picture below). Click on OK to save. After the limit has been activated, in the corresponding column the word YES will appear, indicating that the booking limit is active. Activities/services with the word NO won't be affected by the limit, therefore the customer will be allowed to book as many as they wish.  
  • multipack WITH a pricelistbefore adding courses/services to the multipack, it will be necessary to mark the option shown in the picture below

If however they have already been added, it will be enough to follow the steps described in the first option (multipack without a pricelist).

After activating the limit, it will be necessary to specify how it must work:

  • from the details of a multipack: click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Detail -> Options 
  • from the price list of a multipack: click on Planning -> Multipacks -> Multipack Price List -> Rows -> Detail -> Options

The available values are:

  • day
  • last 24 hours
  • week (Monday - Sunday)
  • week (Sunday - Saturday)
  • last 7 days
  • calendar month
  • last month
  • calendar year
  • last year
  • period of validity of the multipack

Please note that the limit can also be set to 0In this case, the activities with the limit box set on Yes will not be available for booking. 

The last step is to decide the way the limit will be applied:

  1. advanced booking-limit enabled -> booking limit applied to the multipack as a whole (only affecting activities/services with limit enabled).  Example: clients are allowed 2 bookings per day only, for example 2 Zumba classes or 2 Spinning classes or 1 Zumba class and 1 Spinning class 
  2. advanced booking-limit disabled -> booking limit applied to each single activity/service included in the multipack (only affecting activities/services with limit enabled). 

Example: clients can book up to 2 Zumba classes and up to 2 Spinning classes on the same day

To complete the configuration, please click on Save Changes (in the multipack details) or on OK (in the details of the price-list row).