From the Home Page you can add records about the cash flow, that is, money that has been put in the cash register or taken from it for reasons different from sales and refunds.

Examples: add coins to the cash register, take money from the cash register for minor admin expenses...


When adding an entry, it will be necessary to provide:

  • date
  • amount
  • direction
    • inflow
    • outflow
  • reason: (you can add payment reasons in Settings -> List Values -> Reasons for Manual Recording of Cash Inflow/Outflow)
  • description: info/notes about the inflow/outflow of money 
  • payment method: (you can add payment methods in Settings -> Payment Methods)
  • location: (you can add more than one cash register in Settings -> List Values -> Location). The location usually indicates the cash register involved in the operations.

Please note that the report about the daily balance of the cash register will update accordingly. 

In order to view all the prime entries created by each user or delete them click on Settings -> Accounting.