List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. standard waiting list
  3. revolution waiting list

1. Introduction

If a class or a course is full, it is possible to activate a waiting list. People who register on the waiting list will have booking priority in case other customers cancel their booking. 

After a booking cancellation, a customer on the waiting list can only be moved onto the list of attendees if they have a valid subscription for the booking of the desired activity. 

However, it is possible to configure the free booking (as detailed in the manual about pay as you go classes) to allow clients on the waiting list to be confirmed as attendees without the need of a valid subscription, since the system will automatically charge the cost of the activity in the payment section of the user's profile. 

Please note that this option is not available on the customer portal (E-Commerce), where a valid subscription is mandatory in order to be added onto the list of attendees.

The waiting list for an activity can be enabled from SETTINGS -> ACTIVITIES -> EDIT -> MORE -> WAITING LIST (select the box). 

You can choose between two options:

  • Standard
  • Revolution

2. Standard Waiting List

The standard waiting list activates automatically when the maximum capacity for a course or class is reached. Clients who wish to attend will have their name added automatically onto the waiting list. 

After a booking cancellation, customers on the waiting list:

  • won't be notified about the booking possibility
  • won't be automatically moved onto the list of attendees, since this operation has to be done manually by a Front-Office operator.

Front-Office operators can be assisted in the waiting-list management by activating an email notification every time a free space becomes available after a cancellation (provided that there are people on the waiting list) in order to add them onto the list of attendees. 

Activation of the notification email for the reception 

Please log into the VAR portal, click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> E-Commerce -> Shared  and tick the box corresponding to the option "waiting list notification email internal address", then specify the email address the notification will be sent to.

To complete the configuration, click on Configurations -> Settings and type the code 10094  in the search field, corresponding to the following string: (Minutes of lesson block when a vacancy opens up), click on Modify and specify a value that stands for the time interval (in minutes) during which bookings will be temporarily disabled to grant priority to people on the waiting list (in case of booking availability after a cancellation). The reception will have to contact customers on the waiting list (to know if they are still interested in the class) before bookings become available again to all the other customers. Please note that it is mandatory to specify a value bigger than 0, otherwise the reception won't receive the notification email (value = 0 means bookings are available to everyone after a cancellation, therefore people on the waiting list have no priority and there's no need to send a notification to the reception).

To customise the content of the notification email, please open SPORTRICK's Settings and click on Notification Templates. Then click on add and select the following option "WAITING LIST NOTIFICATION - INTERNAL". 

The full procedure for the template creation can be found here.

For more information about the manual management of the waiting list, please click here.

3. Revolution Waiting List

Customers on the Revolution waiting list will be automatically added onto the list of attendees when spaces become available after a cancellation. The first name on the waiting list always has priority over the others. Therefore the first to register on the list will be the first to be booked in, should a space become available.

Please note that if booking requires the deduction of credit from the customer's subscription, the deduction will be carried out automatically when the customer's name is added onto the waiting list. In the same way, customers that are not confirmed as attendees will have their credit automatically refunded after the class has taken place. It is strongly recommended to use a credit-deduction system to make customers more responsible when registering on the waiting list. By having a credit deducted from their subscription each time they register on an activity's waiting list, they will be encouraged to avoid random registrations.

Please note that customers will not be informed in case they are moved onto the list of attendees. So, how can they know if they can take part in the desired activity? The configuration of precise booking-cancellation rules can help customers understand how the Revolution waiting-list works. For example, a class starts at 6:30PM and bookings can be cancelled up to 4 hours before the start of the activity -> clients who are still on the waiting list after 2:30PM can be sure that they won't be moved onto the list of attendees, since cancellations after that time are no longer possible.

It is possible to customise the automatic process that moves people from the waiting list onto the list of attendees in case spaces become available after booking cancellations:

  • minutes before the class: example -> the class starts at 7PM. After 6:30PM clients will remain on the waiting list even in case of booking cancellation
  • exact time and period before the start of the class: example -> in case of booking cancellations, clients on the waiting list will be automatically moved onto the list of attendees no later than 9PM on the day before the class. Therefore if a space becomes available at 9:30PM one day before the class, clients will remain on the waiting list even in case of booking cancellation.