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  1. introduction
  2. standard waiting list
    • E-Commerce
  3. revolution waiting list

1. Introduction

If a class or a course is full, it is possible to activate a waiting list. The waiting list is linked with the corresponding activity, therefore it must be activated from SETTINGS -> ACTIVITIES -> EDIT -> MORE -> WAITING LIST (select the box). 

You can choose between the two options:

  • Standard
  • Revolution

2. Standard

The standard waiting list activates automatically when the maximum capacity for a course or class is reached. The clients who wish to take part will have their name added onto the waiting list. 

After a booking cancellation, a customer on the waiting list won't be automatically added to the list of attendees, since this operation has to be done manually by a Front-Office operator.

Front-Office operators can be assisted in the waiting-list management by activating an email notification every time a free space becomes available after a cancellation (provided that there are people on the waiting list) in order to add them on the list of attendees. 

Please log into the VAR portal, click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> E-Commerce -> Shared  and tick the necessary boxes, specifying in the first blank field the email address the notification will be sent to and in the second blank field the subject of the notification email.

For more information about the manual management of the waiting list, please click here


The client will be guided through the registration on the waiting list in case there is no available space for a course/class.

It is also possible to disable bookings for a specific interval of time so that an available space following a booking cancellation can only be reserved by people on the waiting list, thus ensuring priority other customers. 

To specify the time interval during which bookings are temporarily blocked for people who are not on the waiting list, click on Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Booking Disabled and insert the time in minutes.

3. Revolution

The Revolution waiting list is automatically adds customers on the waiting list onto the list of attendees when spaces become available after a cancellation. The process will give priority to the first name on the waiting list.

Please note that if the class booking requires the deduction of credits from the customer's subscription or the payment of a fee, the necessary credits/amount will be deducted when the customer's name is added onto the waiting list. In the event the customer doesn't make it onto the list of attendees, the credits/amount will be automatically refunded after the class has taken place. 

Summary of characteristics:

  • automation: the waiting list is automatically managed by the system. Clients can cancel their booking independently (within the planned deadline) and people on the waiting list are automatically added onto the list of attendees according to the availability of spaces. Deduction and refund of credits/costs (if applied) is also managed automatically by the system. 
  • the first person on the waiting list has priority over the others: the first person added onto the waiting list will have priority over the others when a space becomes available for the desired class/course. 

It is possible to personalise the automatic process that moves people from the waiting list to the list of attendees in case spaces become available after booking cancellations:

  • minutes before the class: example -> starts at 7PM. Clients will be automatically moved to the list of attendees up to 30 minutes before the start of the class. After that, let's say, 20 minutes before the class, clients will remain on the waiting list even in case of booking cancellation
  • exact time and period before the start of the class: example -> in case of booking cancellations ,clients on the waiting list will be automatically moved onto the list of attendees up to 1 day before the start of the class no later than 9PM. Therefore if a space becomes available at 9:30PM one day before the class, clients will remain on the waiting list even in case of booking cancellation.

Please note that customers are not notified in any way should they be removed from the waiting list and moved onto the list of attendees. 

How can they know then if they are moved from one list to another?

By knowing the booking-cancellation policy. 

If for example bookings can be cancelled up to two hours before the start of the class, people on the waiting list can check two hours before the class (or later) if their name is still on the waiting list. In that case, they will know for sure that cancellations are no longer allowed and no space will become available, so their name will not be added to the list of attendees.