Waiting List for a Class

There are two ways of checking the waiting list for a class:

  1. from the Calendar
    • Click on Calendar
    • double click on the slot corresponding to the class
    • click on waiting list (in order to see the button the waiting list must be enabled for the activity from the Settings -> Activities -> Edit -> More -> Waiting List) 
    • Please note that once the customer has been moved onto the list of attendees, the customer's name will still remain on the waiting list for record purposes. It is possible to distinguish people still on the waiting list from people that have been moved onto the list of attendees by the different icons and by the different buttons. 

  2. from the Timeline on the Home Page

Waiting List for a Course

  • Click on Calendar - Course Availability
  • select the necessary filters
  • click on the course 
  • click on the list icon on the righ-hand corner