List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. how to create instalments
  3. how to pay an instalment
  4. how to pay the balance
  5. how to edit instalments

1. Introduction

Instalments and advanced payments allow customers to stretch the cost of their purchases over a manageable period of time. The club/swimming pool/sports centre, on the other hand, can rely on constant profits rather than concentrating the bulk of sales in a particular period (e.g. selling a twelve-month membership in September to be paid in a single transaction).

Please note that in this manual instalments are created during the sale of a membership.

It is however possible to configure an instalment template that will automatically be applied when selling a specific membership. This allows for a quicker and standardised sale procedure (for more info please refer to the following manual: How to enable automatic instalments for multipack sale).

2. How to Create Instalments

After confirming the sale of a membership, in order to create instalments, it will be necessary to follow the steps listed below:

  1. in the Payment window, click on Advance 
  2. select the amount to be split in instalments and click on Create Advanced Payments/Instalments 
  3. at this point, a new window will open up, offering two possibilities:
    1. manual creation of instalments: suggested if instalments:
      • don't have the same amount 
      • are not due at regular intervals
      • are not to be charged on certain days (e.g. weekends, bank holidays...)
    2. automatic creation of instalments suggested if instalments: 
      • have the same amount
      • are due at regular intervals


please specify:

  1. balance due date: this date is always set on the first day of the multipack's validity. Before creating instalments, it will have to be postponed by clicking on the Edit button 
  2. due date: when the payment of the instalment is due 
  3. amount: amount of the instalment
  4. specify tax: tax applied to the instalment (if no tax is specified, the tax will be the same as the one applied to the multipack)
  5. click on Add Instalment to create the instalment. Carry on with the same procedure to create the remaning instalments.  

In case of mistakes, it will be possible to click on "Reset Instalments" and create them again.


The amount and due date of instalments will be automatically set by the system without having to create instalments one by one. The fields to be filled in are listed below:

  1. number of instalments: number of instalments the total amount will be split into;
  2. repeat every: time interval that will define the due date of each instalment (e.g. 1 month = every instalment will be due on the same day each month. The day of reference will be the date of the first instalment. Therefore, if the first instalment is due on the 21st of April, the second will be due on the 21st of May and so on)
  3. date of the 1st instalment: when the payment of the 1st instalment is due. By default, it is always set on the first day of validity of the multipack, but it can be changed
  4. balance date: automatically calculated by the system
  5. amount of the 1st instalment (optional): the 1st instalment can have an amount different from the other instalments'
  6. specify tax (optional): a tax should be selected only if instalments have a tax different from the multipack's.
To confirm the creation of instalments, click on "Create Instalments".

A summary of instalments will be provided in a table. Next to each instalment there are two buttons:

  • Edit: the due date and the amount of each  instalment can be edited
  • Delete: instalments can be deleted individually

The balance will update accordingly.

To confirm the instalments click on OK.

3. How to Pay an Instalment

Instalments can be found in the Payment page of a user's profile (under the instalment section). To record the payment of an instalment, just select it and proceed with the payment. 

4. How to Pay the Balance

To pay the balance, just select the corresponding row in the Payment window and proceed with the payment. 

It is possible to view the detail of the instalments already paid and the pending ones by clicking on the + next to the balance row.

The first row shows the balance, the middle rows show the instalments that have been already paid and the last row shows the total cost of the membership.

5. How to Edit Instalments

The amount of an instalment can be edited through the white icon next to instalment row in the Payment page. 



The balance will be automatically updated by the system.

WARNING: if an instalment is deleted, the balance WON'T be automatically updated with the correct amount. It is therefore highly recommended to avoid deleting already-created instalments. The correct procedure is to edit the instalment amount (that can be also =0) so that the balance will get automatically updated after the payment of the instalment.