List of topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. introduction
  3. how it works
    1. invitation to take part in a class
    2. invitation to take part in a service

1. Pre-Requisites

Before reading this manual, a full understanding of SPORTRICK and the E-Commerce is required. Bookings must be pre-configured following the instructions of the manual: Enable Online Booking.

2. Introduction

This manual shows how a client can invite other participants to a class or service. 

3. How it works

Depending on the capacity of each course/service, clients can invite other participants.

Please find below the two different procedures according to the type of invitation:

Invitation to take part in a class

  • Who can be invited? 

Only friends in the client's network can receive the invitation to take part in a class booked by the client (please check out the manual about  Social Interaction on the E-Commerce to learn how to add friends).

Please note that a multipack valid for booking is required to accept the invitation. Friends without a valid multipack will have to purchase it if they intend to book their spot in the class. 

  • How are invitations sent/received?

By clicking on Booking -> Agenda on the menu (or through the Booking button on the Home Page), customers will be re-directed to their agenda, where they can find their bookings. Next to each booked class there is a button to invite other clients to take part in the class.  

After clicking on Invite, the client will be able to choose which friend/s to invite from their list of friends. 


Friends can find the invitation in the Social section of their E-Commerce account.

Invitation to take part in a service

  • Who can be invited?

The invitation to take part in a service can be sent to other clients or external aquaintances. The client who books the service will be charged the full cost of the reservation:

  • if the client has a pre-paid package for the booking of the service, they can book free of charge (or a credit will be deducted from their multipack if it has been configured this way)
  • if the client doesn't have a pre-paid package but the system has been configured to accept bookings without a valid multipack, the cost of the service will be added into the shopping basket for payment.

In both cases, the other participants in the service won't be charged when they confirm their booking.

  • How are invitations sent/received?

From Booking -> Agenda (in the menu), or directly from the Booking button on the Home Page, it will be possible to view the booked service and the "Invite" button (please note that this button will only appear if the service accepts more than one participant and the client who booked it has paid the service fee). 

After clicking on "Invite", a window will pop up with a link.

The "Copy" button will save the link that can then be pasted in an email, SMS or app for instant messaging, so that it can be shared with other participants.

Friends will have to use this link to confirm their booking. For those who never used the E-Commerce before, it is possible to enable online registration (please refer to the manual about self registration), so that they can activate their online account and confirm their participation in the service. This is because the link re-directs onto the E-Commerce login page, so credentials are necessary to complete the booking, as described below:

  1. after logging into the E-Commerce, the system will immediately show the details of the service and the button to confirm the boooking 
  2. the booking confirmation will be saved in the user's agenda on the E-Commerce.

Please note that if the service allows a maxiumum of 4 participants and the link is sent out to 6 people (for example), only the first 3 people who confirm their booking will be able to take part in the service. The others will be informed that the service has reached the maximum capacity.

  • Access Control

            Customers with a membership card can take part in the service following standard access-control rules.

Customers without a membership card can validate their access through a QR code that they can download on their smartphone from the E-Commerce. Please refer to the following manual for more info: How to create a QR code for access.