List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. prerequisites
  3. general configuration
    1. configuration of the time frame for booking availability
    2. configuration of the booking-cancellation deadline
  4. class-booking configuration
  5. service-booking configuration
    • user cases

1. Introduction

Customers can book classes and services directly from the E-Commerce. This manual contains the instructions to configure booking correctly.

Warning: only clients with a user profile registered in SPORTRICK can book via the E-Commerce! This is because clients receive access credentials to the E-Commerce from SPORTRICK and also because their user profile on SPORTRICK is synchronised with the E-Commerce account, so that both get updated with bookings and cancellations.

2. Prerequisites

Before reading this manual, the detailed knowledge of the following topics is required:

3. General Configuration

Please make sure that the options for online bookings have been correctly configured from the VAR portal (as described in the following manual: Configuration of the Layout and Features of the E-Commerce Portal).

Configuration of the time frame for booking availability

From Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Booking Availability it is possible to configure a specific time frame, so that only classes within this time frame can be booked by customers. The starting date is always the current day. The last day is calculated according to the number of days specified. 

Example: if the value is set to 14, the E-Commerce timetable will show customers only those classes/services that take place from today to 14 days. So if today is the first of the month customers will be allowed to book classes/services up to the 14th.

If the value is set to 0, customers will only be able to book classes/services that take place on the current day.

Configuration of the booking-cancellation deadline

From Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Notice Required to Cancel Bookings, it is possible to specify a deadline for booking cancellation (minutes, hours, days or weeks of advanced notice to cancel bookings). If booking involves a credit deduction, the system will only refund the credit if customers cancel their booking within the deadline.

4. Class-booking configuration

To enable the booking of classes/services via E-Commerce for customers, the corresponding activity has to be marked as available for online booking (if the activity already exists click on Edit -> E-Commerce):

Two optional fields might be also useful:

  1.  E-Commerce Name: you can use an alternative NAME for this activity in the E-Commerce. Leave it blank to keep the original name of the activity
  2. E-Commerce Description: short description of the activity that will be visible on the E-Commerce environment (useful to provide details about the class clients are going to book)

SPORTRICK offers two booking options

Booking only allowed with a valid multipack

only customers who have purchased a multipack valid for booking can book classes and/or services. Any credit deduction and credit refund (due to booking cancellation) will take place automatically

once the multipack has been configured so that clients can book specific classes and/or services, it will be necessary to enable the multipack for E-Commerce bookings (see picture below) 


of individual classes

(without need of multipack)

clients can book classes without a valid multipack (useful for trial classes). If charges apply for bookings, the system will automatically add the corresponding cost to the shopping basket. The client will necessarily have to complete the payment before the system empties the basket and cancels the booking of the class.

booking a class without a pre-purchased multipack is called "free booking" in SPORTRICK. Therefore the corresponding option must be enabled for activities that can be booked freely (without valid multipack) as shown in the picture below


IMPORTANT: the free-booking of classes requires the creation of a course price-list. Please refer to the corresponding manual for more information.

5. Service-booking configuration 

Services can only be booked via the E-Commerce if they are linked with an activity, which has to be marked as available for online booking. 

Two optional fields might be also useful:

  1.  E-Commerce Name: you can use an alternative NAME for this activity in the E-Commerce. Leave it blank to keep the original name of the activity
  2. E-Commerce Description: short description of the activity that will be visible on the E-Commerce environment (useful to clarify the details of the service clients are going to book)

SPORTRICK offers two booking options 

Clients book a service and then proceed with payment

clients can book a service without having to purchase a multipack only if the activity linked with the service has the free-booking option enabled

Clients purchase 

a package for 

multiple booking of 

pre-paid services

multipacks can be configured for the booking of one or more services via the E-Commerce. It is also possible to deduct a credit from the multipack each time a customer books a service.
Clients can book services online without additional charges only if they are included in their pre-paid multipack, for which the option for E-Commerce booking has been enabled.

Services can be booked via the E-Commerce only if the below requirements are met:

  1. the web-booking option must be enabled in the details of the service  
  2. the service must be linked with an activity. After logging into their E-Commerce account, clients will have to click on the desired activity to view the calendar with the booking slots of the related services 
  3. booking slots must be configured in the details of each resource required for the service. First it is necessary to plan the resource/s for the service, then after the resource/s has/have been created, click on the Detail button next to the name of the resource to access the Availability section. Specify days and time when the resource can be booked and then tick "Use Slots" to specify the booking interval. Please be aware that the booking interval doesn't define the duration of the service, it is instead a way to better organise bookings. The following example can clarify this concept.

Example: a resource can be booked every 45 minutes. If the resource's availability starts at 9AM, it means that the first booking can be at 9AM, then 9:45AM, 10:30AM, 11:15AM and so on.

If the service the resource has been booked for lasts for 30 minutes and it is booked for 9:45AM, the next available booking won't be at 10:15AM when the first booking terminates, but it will be at 10:30AM, that is, 45 minutes after the previous booking slot. 

If the service has been linked with additional services they will have to be removed as they are not available for E-Commerce bookings.

User Cases

  • services with more than one participant: the person that books a service via the E-Commerce will be charged the full cost. The cost of the service can only be split among the participants if the booking is recorded during Front Office procedures (that is, by an operator). The client responsible for the booking will be provided with a link that can be sent to other participants so that they can confirm their own booking of that service;
  • services with different resources: if a service has different resources available, for example there are 4 personal trainers, in order to let the client choose which resource to book depending on availability/preference, it will be necessary to plan 4 services, one for each resource. Each service can be linked with a specific activity so that clients can view only the availability of the selected resouce, or there can be a general activity, called personal trainer for example, and by clicking on it, clients will see the availability of all personal trainers and then pick their preferred choice.