List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. course management
  3. trainer substitutions

1. Introduction

If you click on you can access a section dedicated to instructors/trainers. There are two buttons:

  • courses: through this button you can access a section that manages the following:
    • customers' skills
    • customers' attendance to class
    • move customers from one course to another

  • trainer: through this button you can access a section that enables substitutions.

2. Course Management


There are two options available. Before selecting the desired option, you have the possibility to select "Show courses only if there are people enrolled".

Filter courses by: 
  • season/sub-season/s (mandatory)
  • day/s of the week
  • activity/ (click on reset to zero to empty the field and select only the required activity/activities)
(only the classes of the courses that are taking place on the current date will be displayed). Please remember to select the season and sub-seasons before clicking on Today's Classes.

Once the filters have been applied, the system will show the results in a table, where it will be possible to select the desired courses to carry out the following two options:




cick on Attendance to see the summary of the attendance for each selected course

to mark the attendance just click on the day (number) and tick the box below, then click again on the day to save the changes 

the Summary button shows a summary of the attendance of all the selected courses and it can be printed by clicking on the corresponding button

through the Print button it is possible to print the attendance of the single course

assign skills

If you click on List you can assign skills/specify a level for all the people enrolled onto the course (skills must have been previously created from Settings -> List Values -> Skills)

move participants to another course

If you click on List you can move people enrolled on a course to another one (please note that if courses have a different price, this won't be take into consideration, which means that customers will be moved from one course to another at no additional cost. Please also note that any catch-up class customers were entitled to before being moved onto another course won't be kept on record):
  1. first select the people to be moved and click on Change Course 
  2. the system will provide some filters for you to easily find the destination course/s:
    • season/sub-seasons (mandatory)
    • day/s of the week
    • activity/ies
    • starting the new course from: customers will be moved onto the new course starting from this date (mandatory)
  3. click on Filter. The available courses will appear in a summary
  4. click on Change Course to move participants

3. Trainer Substitutions

Click on 

Pick a person who will replace the instructor assigned to a course (according to the planning). This operation is only available for Administrators (please click here for more details)

Now the system recognises you as the person selected (e.g. Clare Paxton), therefore you can check your own substitutions or select the instructor you are going to replace.

Once you have selected the person, you can filter the courses by date and the system will provide a list of the courses assigned to the trainer you are going to replace. Select the desired classes and click on the button Replace.

If you click on Own Substitutions

you will get a summary of the classes you are now responsible for, with the name of the previous trainer under "Assigned Instructor".