If an item is returned, it won't be valid anymore and the client can get a refund for it. Otherwise, it is possible to create a coupon with the value of the refund, which will be automatically calculated by the system.

From the user's profile:

  1. Click on the row of the item to be returned;
  2. Click on Actions - Refund:

Once you have clicked on the button the below window will pop up:

It is possible to change the value and the date of return of the item.

Click here to see how you can use a refund coupon as a payment method.

Please note that for the refund of courses that take place more than one day per week it will be necessary to click on the Detail button of each course and proceed with the corresponding refund. This is because the system offers the possibility to keep the enrolment for a day of the week (example: Tuesday) and get the refund for the course taking place on the other day of the week (Thursday).