List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. refund procedure

1. Introduction

To terminate the validity of a course/multipack/membership fee, you will have to follow the refund procedure. 

This procedure allows you to issue a refund voucher. Its value can be automatically calculated by the system, according to how many days of validity are left.

2. Refund Procedure

From the user's profile:

  1. click on the row of the item to be returned;
  2. click on Actions -> Refund*

    *please note that for the refund of courses that take place more than one day per week it will be necessary to click on the Detail button of each course and proceed with the corresponding refund. This is because the system offers the possibility to keep the enrolment for a day of the week (example: Tuesday) and get the refund for the course taking place on the other day of the week (Thursday).

    The attendance history will be kept but any catch-up classes the customer is entitled to book will not be saved, therfore it is advisable to take not of any catch-up classes before proceeding with the refund of the course and save the info in the note section of the user profile. It is also possible to create an additional field in the user profile to store this info (see manual about additional fields).

  3. once you have clicked on the Refund button the following options will pop up:
    • state the cancellation date (set automatically on the current day)

    • issue a coupon with the value automatically calculated by the system according to the remaining days of validity (or you can specify the desired coupon value) or untick this option to avoid the creation of a coupon. Click here to see how you can use a refund coupon as a payment method

    • start of the coupon validity: the coupon can be used for payments only from the day specified in this field.