List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. planning
  3. FAQ

1. Introduction

Closures prevent the system from planning classes within the specified period (e.g. Christmas break, maintenance...). Classes cannot be added or deleted manually, it is necessary to rely on the system to do so.

IMPORTANT: before planning the timetable of courses, it is necessary to plan closures. 

If courses are planned before closures, the latter will not be taken into consideration! 

Example: A swimming course takes place for the whole month of December on Tuesdays, but there won't be any classes on Christmas Day and Boxing Day-> if the closure on Christmas Day and Boxing Day is created after planning the swimming course, the system will plan classes on the 25th or on the 26th of December (if they fall on a Tuesday).

2. Planning

To create a closure click on Planning -> Closures -> Add

Available closure types:

  • whole facility
  • area/s (first specify a facility and a drop-down list with all its areas will appear below)
  • suspend courses (classes will not take place during the closure). Please note that the closure will affect all courses, it isn't possible to apply it to specific courses only. If there is a need to do so, the recommended procedure is to plan courses that won't be affected by the closure first, then plan the closure and then plan the courses that will be affected by the closure
  • suspend the availability of an operator (sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave).

Each closure requires the following details:

  • type
  • description (reason for closure)
  • first day of closure
  • last day of closure
  • closed from (hour)
  • closed until (hour)
  • store: when stored, a closure will be no longer active. A closure cannot be deleted if courses have been already planned, the system will store it instead (if deletion is attempted). A stored closure will be marked with a padlock icon. 

3. FAQ

How can I configure a closure for the whole day?

For closures that last 24 hours type 0:00 as starting time and 23:59 as end time.

The closure dates are incorrect and classes haven't been planned during that. How can I fix it? 

A closure prevents the system from creating classes in the period of closure. Since it is not possible to manually add classes, how is it possible to make the system add classes during the period of closure that has been mistakenly planned? Below there is a list of steps to follow:

  1. first, either edit the dates of closure or store the closure
  2. then from Planning -> Courses -> Course Summary, select the season and click on Update to load the list of planned courses 
  3. select the maxium number of results available to have them all in a single page. Then click on Select All
  4. click on Planning (on the right-hand side) -> Reschedule Selected Courses. This will prompt the system to create the classes additional classes.