List of Topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. introduction
  3. management of absences
  4. how to book a catch-up class

1. Pre-requisites

In order to fully understand this manual, it is necessary to know in detail how SPORTRICK works. The configuration of catch-up classes has to be carried out both on SPORTRICK and on the VAR portal. Please refer to the following manuals for advice:

2. Introduction

If enabled, SPORTRICK offers the option to let clients mark their own absences to class via the E-Commerce and potentially book one or more catch-up classes. 

3. Management of Absences

The screenshots below show the steps to mark an absence. Please note that once the absence has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled via E-Commerce. Only reception operator can cancel it from the Front Office in SPORTRICK. 

The only option available on the E-Commerce is to book a catch-up class (if there is still availability for that class).

After the absence has been confirmed, the class will be crossed off the list.

4. How to Book a Catch-up Class

  1. click on Booking -> Agenda on the left-hand side menu and then click on Book a Catch-Up Class

  2. click on the activity
  3. select when to book the catch-up class
  4. click on the activity again to confirm the booking