List of Topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. introduction
  3. renewals

1. Pre-requisites

This manual shows the renewal procedure. Please note that renewals have to be configured first (more detail can be found in this manual: Enable Sale Availability on the E-Commerce

2. Introduction

The renewal button offers the possibility to speed up the purchase of a previously-bought item. This means that the same lenght, price and conditions will be maintained. In terms of enrolment, the system will renew the course keeping the same activity, day of the week, time and skills required for the course. 

Example: a tennis course on Thursdays at 7pm cannot be renewed via the E-Commerce if the client wants to attend on Mondays rather than Thursdays, because the system would keep the same characteristics.

From the Home Page, click on the arrow next to the user's name and then on Your Shopping

then click on Renew next to the corresponding item and go to the basket to proceed with the payment.