List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. price-editing from the Front Office
  3. price-editing from the ProShop

1. Introduction

During sales it is possible to apply a promotion/discount either by selecting a pre-planned promotion or by editing the price manually.

2. Price-Editing from the Front Office

After adding the desired items into the shopping cart, before confirming the sale, click on Options. A new window will enable the manual editing of the price or the selection of a promotion (the price will update automatically).

The price can be manually edited even after confirming the sale: just open the Payment section of the user profile and click on the white icon on the row corresponding to the item.  Please note that pre-planned promotions can only be selected before confirming the sale.

3. Price-Editing from the ProShop

To edit the price of an item sold via ProShop after adding it to the cart, just click on the Promo button.

A new window will open up:

  1. to manually edit the price
  2. to select a pre-planned promotion (the price will be updated automatically).