List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. how to generate coupons for refunds

1. Introduction

With SPORTRICK it is possible to generate coupons in bulk for refund procedures. The system will automatically calculate the amount to be refunded.

2. How to Generate Coupons for Refunds

Click on Reports -> Back Office -> Generate Coupons and apply the necessary filters:

  • activity linked with the multipacks/courses that have to be refunded with a coupon (example: by selecting Swimming, all swimming courses will appear in the results). Please note that multipacks have to be linked with an activity in order to be filtered in this section. The activity has to be specified in the "more" section of the multipack's details (from Planning -> Multipacks)
  • interval of dates that include multipacks/courses to be refunded

click on Update to see the filtered results.

The results will be displayed with the following information:

  1. the name of the person with an active multipack/enrolment within the specified interval of dates 
  2. the name of the multipack/enrolment
  3. the type of subscription (multipack or enrolment onto a course)
  4. the dates of validity of the multipack or enrolment
  5. the number of classes left (in case of enrolments) or the number of bookings/passes left (in case of multipacks).


IMPORTANT: all the multipacks and enrolments in the list will be marked as "refunded" and the corresponding coupon will be issued. 

Click on "Generate Coupons" to specify the dates of validity of the coupon. Clients will not be allowed to use their coupon before or after the specified interval.  

Click on OK to confirm and wait for the procedure to terminate.