A facility is the place where all the activities take place.

You can create one or more facilities and add a description (e.g. Premium Club, Shopping-Centre Club...)


Each facility can be made up of different areas. An area is a space inside the main facility where activities take place. The purpose of creating an area is to plan courses or set up an access control.                                                                                                                            

To create an area click on the name of the corresponding facility and a table will appear below. Click on Add and specify: 

  • Info:
    • name;
    • code (optional - it will show on the timetable and in the list of activities in the home page);
    • number of lanes (optional - for the planning of courses and activities in different lanes of the pool);
    • store: to deactivate an area it is possible to store it (select the box "stored")
  • Groups: Sportrick allows the booking of items needed for a class in addition to the booking of the class itself. A group of items can be a category of equipment (mats, spinning bikes, steps...) or a set of rows (front row, middle row, back row...) 
    • name: name of the group of items 
  • Items
    • group: select the group the items belong to;
    • code: name of the items. The system will then automatically create an item with the code followed by a progressive number. It will be possible to edit the code by clicking on the edit button in the table. An example of code can be B for spinning bikes and S for steps, or Fbike for front-row bikes, Mbike for middle-row bikes and Bbike for back-row bikes;
    • from number to number: number of items of that type: e.g. if in the same area there are 10 spinning bikes and 10 steps that have to be reserved it is necessary to plan bikes from 1 to 10 and steps from 11 to 20 steps. Another example can be ront-row bikes from 1 to 8, middle row from 9 to 16 and back-row from 17 to 24.

Every time a person books an activity that takes place in an area with items the system will require the booking of the items as well.