A facility is the place where all the activities take place.

You can create one or more facilities by clicking on Planning - Add and type a description (optional) in case of more than one facility


Description: Shopping-Centre Club, SOHO Club, East End Club, West End Club ...)



Each facility can be made up of different areas. An area is a space inside the main facility where activities take place. The purpose of creating an area is:

  • the planning of courses
  • the planning of services
  • access control                                       


To create an area click on the name of the corresponding facility and a table will appear below. Click on Add and specify: 

  • Info:
    • name;
    • code (optional - it will show on the calendar and in the timeline on the home page);
    • number of lanes (optional - for the planning of courses and activities in different lanes of the pool);

Advanced Settings

  • Groups: in addition to the booking of a class, Sportrick allows the booking of items/equipment needed for the class. A group of items can be a category of equipment (mats, spinning bikes, steps...) or a set of rows (front row, middle row, back row...). To create a group of items, click on Detail next to the name of the area and specify the name of the group of items, then click on ADD
  • Items
    • group: select the group the items belong to
    • code: name/code of the items. The system will then automatically create an item with the code followed by a progressive number. It will be possible to edit the code by clicking on the edit button in the table. An example of code can be B for spinning bikes and S for steps, or Fbike for front-row bikes, Mbike for middle-row bikes and Bbike for back-row bikes
    • from number to number: number of items of each group: 
      • example 1: if in the same area there are 10 spinning bikes and 10 steps to be reserved, it will be necessary to plan bikes from 1 to 10 and steps from 11 to 20
      • example 2: front-row bikes from 1 to 8, middle row from 9 to 16 and back-row from 17 to 24

Click on Add to add the items to each group and then click on OK to save changes.

Every time a person books an activity that takes place in an area with items, the system will require the booking of the items as well.

Important: the button Delete will delete the facility/area but it can only be used if they haven't been involved in the planning of courses/services. Conversely, the facility/area can be stored (Edit -> Store). This means that they will no longer be in use but they will be kept in the system for record purposes.