List of Topics

  1. prerequisites
  2. introduction
  3. configuration

1. Prerequisites

For a better comprehension of the concept of skills, we strongly advise to read the manual about activities before reading this manual.

2. Introduction

With SPORTRICK you can assign skills to people and specify different levels for your courses.


With the creation of skills, it will be possible to plan different courses using the same activity rather than creating different activities according to the skills. 


  • activity = swimming course
  • skills = beginner, intermediate, advanced

it will only be necessary to create a single activity named swimming rather than 3 activities named beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

Skills can be also assigned to customers by clicking on Info -> Skills in their user profile.

A slightly different way of using skills is to configure the whole range of fitness courses (zumba, yoga, HIIT, step, kettlebells...) as "skills" of the main activity (e.g. fitness):

  • example #1 macroactivity = fitness, skills = HIIT, step, zumba, circuit, kick-boxing, core
  • example #2 macroactivity = yoga, skills = hata, vinyasa, iyengar

this option is useful to make quicker reservations, simplify planning procedures and help with data analysis.

3. Configuration

Click on Settings -> List Values -> Add and type in the name.

It is possible to link an activity with specific skills (OPTIONAL). By doing so, during the planning of the timetable the system will only show the skills associated with a particular activity. 


  • activity = swimming, skills = beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate
  • activity = tennis, skills = complete beginner, learner, confident player

while planning the timetable of tennis courses, the skills created for the swimming activity won't be visible. If on the contrary the activity field is left blank, during the planning of tennis courses the system will show all the skills registered in the system.


Click on Ok to save changes. 


You can also add sub-skills (e.g. beginner - level 2) by clicking on the corresponding button. Please note that sub-skills can only be assigned to customers rather than courses.