With Sportrick you can assign skills to people and specify different levels for your courses.

In order to do so, click on Settings - List Values

Click on Add and type in the name of the skills/level you wish to create (e.g. children, teens, senior... or beginners/experienced)

You can also add sub-skills (e.g. beginner's yoga - level 2) by clicking on the corresponding button.

Skills can be assigned to a determined activity (optional) so that during the planning of the related course the system will only suggest the skills associated with that particular activity. In order to do so, click on Edit next to the skills you wish to assign to an activity and select the activity from the drop-down menu. Click on Ok to save changes.

With the creation of skills, it will be possible to plan different courses according to the skills required using the same activity rather than creating different activities according to the skills required. Example: activity = swimming course, skills = beginners, intermediate, advanced: it will only be necessary to create a single activity named swimming rather than 3 activities named swimming beginners, swimming intermediate and swimming advanced. 

During the planning of the course it will be possible to select swimming as activity and select the skills required to create the timetable for each of the three courses.