List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. registration on the waiting list
  3. how does the waiting list work?
  4. cancellation from the waiting list

1. Introduction

To configure the waiting list, please refer to the following manual: Waiting List: Standard and Revolution.

There requirements to register on the waiting list are:

  • a multipack valid for the booking of the desired activity
  • the activation of the "free-booking" option for the activity, so that customers without a multipack valid for booking can still register on the waiting list for a class/service. 
The registration on the waiting list is free. Only when the customer's booking is confirmed will the customer be charged for the booking:
  • in case of multipacks, the corresponding credit will be deducted (if applicable)

  • should the booking require the payment of a fee for customers without multipack, the corresponding amount will be added into the customer's shopping basket. The customer will then have to complete the payment before the shopping basket gets automatically emptied. Conversely, the system will automatically cancel their booking.

2. Registration on the Waiting List

After the maximum number of participants has been reached, provided that a waiting list has been enabled for that activity, the system will inform users about it. 
If users wish to register on the waiting list, they will just have to click on the slot and click on the Waiting-List button.

The system will update the slot and their name will be registered on the waiting list.

3. How does the Waiting List Work?

After a booking cancellation:

  • STANDARD WAITING LIST: after a cancellation, bookings for users who are not on the waiting list will be automatically blocked for a specific time interval, in order to give booking priority to those who are on the waiting list (if this option has been configured from SPORTRICK's Settings -> Main Settings -> Social Booking -> Booking Disabled). People who are on the waiting list will be able to open their agenda from the left-hand side menu (Bookings -> Agenda) and click on "Take Part" (next to the name of the desired activity) to confirm their booking and appear on the list of attendees. Please note that customers do not receive notifications about booking cancellations! If a notification email has been enabled, the club's reception will be informed about a booking cancellation only if there are people on the waiting list, so that they can be contacted by the receptionist to know if they are still interested in taking part.
  • REVOLUTION WAITING LIST: the process is automatic, that is, after a booking cancellation, the first user on the waiting list will be automatically moved onto the list of attendees. 
    Please note that customers will not be informed in case they are moved onto the list of attendees. However, the configuration of certain rules in the waiting list settings can teach customers how the waiting list works, as described in the below example:

Thursdays at 6PM

booking cancellation
up to 6 hours before the class
clients can cancel their booking via the E-Commerce by 12PM on the day of the class (Thursday)
 booking cancellations and automatic waiting-list management
new bookings accepted 
no later than 
24 hours before the class
in case of booking cancellation, clients on the waiting list will be automatically moved onto the list of attendees no later than Wednesday at 6PM, starting from the first to register.
This means that if a client is still on the waiting list at 6:15PM on Wednesday, they can be sure that they won't figure on the list of attendees, even though cancellations are still possible up to 6 hours before the class takes place.

4. Cancellation from the Waiting List

The Delete button next to the waiting-list reminder in the user's agenda will remove the user's name from the waiting list and no booking will be recorded on their behalf.