List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. class info
  3. view and print list of attendees
  4. mark the attendance
  5. add bookings
  6. delete bookings
  7. view and print waiting list
  8. move customers from the waiting list onto the list of attendees

1. Introduction

On the left of the Home Page (which can be accessed by clicking on SPORTRICK's logo on the black banner on the top left-hand side of the screen), you can find the timeline of classes that take place on the current day and the following day.

The timeline is a list of classes providing the following information:

  • name of the activity
  • day and time

  • area where the class takes place

The colour highlighting each class gives an immediate idea about the availability: green means high availability, yellow means it is almost full.


2. Class Info

If you click on a class, the system will provide the following info:

  • name of the class
  • skills required for the class
  • instructor 
  • date of the class 
  • time of the class 
  • availability how many people can still take part in the class
  • notes about the class

3. View and Print List of Attendees

In the right-hand side table you can find a list of people who booked the class or who are enrolled onto the course. The Info button next to each name will open up the customer's profile.

To print the list of attendees, click on the Print button.

4. Mark the Attendance

Through the "Mark Attendance" button it is possible to:

  • mark the attendance
  • check the attendance if it has already been marked (in that case the box will be ticked and will be blue).

5. Add Bookings

Through the Add button it is possible to record a booking on behalf of a customer.

Just type the first letters of their name/surname and select their name from the suggestion list that will come up. Then click on Add.

6. Delete Bookings

The Delete button will cancel the customer's booking.

7. View and Print Waiting List

If there is a waiting list for the class, it will be possible to check who is on the waiting list by clicking on the corresponding section. To print the names on the waiting list, click on the Print button.

The Info button will open the customer's profile.

Please note that this section is for consultation only, to add customers onto the waiting list, please use SPORTRICK's Timetable, click on the slot corresponding to the class and add the name of the customer.

The same should be done to remove a customer from the waiting list in case they are no longer interested in attending the class.


8. Move Customers from the Waiting List onto the List of Attendees

To move a customer from the waiting list onto the list of attendees, thus confirming their spot in the class, please click on "Move to the list of attendees". 

Please note that this can be done only if another client has cancelled their booking.