List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. planning
  3. code generation to redeem gift cards
  4. sale
  5. how to redeem a gift card
    1. initial configuration
    2. pre-check
    3. procedure

1. Introduction

A gift card can be purchased by a user to donate to another user. 

Gift cards can offer memberships, passes or a pre-paid credit that a third person can use for purchases.

2. Planning

To create a gift card click on Planning -> Promotions -> Gift Card -> Add and specify the following details:


  • description: name of the gift card or information about it
  • code: code for the gift card e.g. HW17. This is a mandatory field, if a code is not required, just copy what has been written in the description field
  • type:
    •  multipack: the gift-card will be a multipack (e.g. one day pass)
    •  top up: the gift-card will be a wallet top up (e.g. 100£ that can be used for purchases)
  • item name: select a multipack or wallet top-up from the list, depending on the value selected in the "type" field. Please note that multipacks and top-ups must have been already planned for them to appear in the drop-down menu
  • store gift card: this will prevent the sale of the Gift Card but it will keep the related records, unlike the button delete that will permanently remove the gift card from the system.


  • barcode of the gift card (optional)
  • price: sale price of the gift card
  • tax: the tax is mandatory in SPORTRICK. If the gift card is tax free, it will be possible to create a tax with value = 0.

Click on OK to confirm the creation of the gift card.

Please note that for advanced accounting and analysis, it is possible to use statistic fields. More information can be found here.

: the button Delete will delete the gift card but it can only be used if the gift card hasn't been sold. Conversely, the gift card can be stored (Edit -> Store Gift Card). This means that it will no longer be in use but it will be kept in the system for record purposes. 

3. Code Generation to Redeem Gift Cards

Once the gift card has been created, you can click on Generate Codes. These codes are mandatory to redeem gift cards.

A new window will pop up, where it will be necessary to enter:

1) the number of codes to be created, where each code corresponds to a gift card

2) the length of the variable part of the codes (maximum 20 chars)

3-4) if required, it is also possible to type in a prefix and suffix that will be added to the gift-card codes.

Once you have clicked on Create Codes and confirmed, you can click on Export to download the codes in Excel format.This file can be printed or stored in the reception's pc. Each code in the file will correspond to a gift card. The customer who bought the gift card will have to be provided with a code (printed, written, sent via email...) which in turn will have to provide to the person who will receive the gift card. Without this code, it won't be possible to redeem the gift card from the Front Office.  

On the top of the page, the system provides a summary of the following:

  • number of promo codes created
  • number of active promo codes
  • number of redeemed promo codes

The table provides info about each session of promo-code generation:

  1. session number
  2. number of codes created in that session
  3. active codes (still valid)
  4. already-redeemed codes
  5. creation date of the codes

4. Sale

To sell gift cards click on Front Office -> Proshop:

  1. if the client is new, it will be possible to create a user profile by clicking on Add New Person and then follow the procedure described below
  2. if the client is already registered in the system, it will be necessary to specify the name of the customer before selecting the gift card and then follow the procedure described below 
  3. for anonymous sales, please follow the procedure described below

there are two possible ways of selling a gift card:

  1. search a gift card through a barcode: scan/type in the barcode and proceed with the sale (the barcode must have been previously linked with the gift card during the planning)
  2. search a gift card manually: click on Gift Card List and select one gift card from the table by clicking on Add. The Search field can speed up the procedure. Then proceed with the payment.

Once the payment has been completed (as explained in detail in the ProShop manual), the client can be provided with the gift code found on the Excel File.

5. How to Redeem a Gift Card

Initial Configuration

A specific user right is needed to redeem a gift card. To enable this user right, please log onto the VAR portal and click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Teams and then click on Team Permissions next to the team that have to be enabled to redeem gift cards -> click on the Sell" section and click on YES next to "Allow user to redeem Gift Cards". Then Save.


Before redeeming a gift/coupon code, please check that the beneficiary has a registered user profile:

It is always possible to create a user profile by clicking on Add Person


    1. Click on Front Office -> Gift Card/Coupon
    2. Insert the code and click on Check Code

      3. Insert the name of the person who will benefit from the gift card and click on Redeem

      4. The system now is confirming that the code cannot be used again since it has already been redeemed

      5. the user's profile will be automatically updated with the new multipack or credit (in case the gift card corresponds to a wallet top-up) as shown in the pictures below:
      • multipack  
      • top up