For marketing and CRM operations, click on Reports -> Marketing.

Here you can filter data by: 

  1. Person
  2. CRM
  3. Accounting
  4. Subscriptions
  5. Courses
  6. Classes
  7. Multipacks
  8. Services
  9. ProShop

Each section has multiple sub-filters available to narrow the search.

Once the filters have been selected, click on the button

A first summary with the filtered data will appear. It will be then possible to: 

1) add other filters

  • click on Filter and select more filters 
  • then click on
  • the results will be the sum of all the filters applied. Example: Unpaid multipacks + Partially-paid multipacks 

2) cross the results (Example: 1st filter -> Potential Customers, 2nd filter -> assigned to the Consultant Robert) 

Important: difference between Adding and Crossing Results

If instead of crossing the filters I add the second filter, the system will provide the last filter as additional result. This means that in the example provided, among the results there could be people that are already active customers and not potential but they have Robert as consultant. Therefore to find potential customers assigned to Robert, it is necessary to cross the results or apply both filters in a single search.

3) remove results from the search by applying a second or more filters and clicking on . The results of the following searches will be removed from the results of the first search/es. Example: 

  • 1st filter: CRM: users with a multipack-renewal task assigned -> click on ADD: the results will show all the users that will be invited to renew their multipack;
  • click on filter again and then on CRM and select: users with Outcome: Positive -> click on REMOVE: the results will show the users that did not accept to renew their multipack 

See FAQ for more examples.

Once all the filters have been applied, it will be possible to proceed by clicking on the button

A Summary will appear with the details of the users corresponding to the search. Click on Exclude to remove some entries (if required): 

The options available are the following:

1) Email  -> send an email to the selected users

2) SMS-> send an SMS to the selected users (please click here to know more about the purchase of SMS)

3) Excel -> export data to MS Excel

4) CRM -> Add CRM task*

5) Tags -> Add/Remove Tags

*Add CRM tasks


The system will ask to select the type of target and then after clicking on the "Next" button it will be possible to create a CRM task.

6) Save the search by clicking on the corresponding button.

A name and a description of the search are required.

Once the search has been saved, it will be available in the corresponding section. Just follow the steps below to launch the search at any time:

  1. click on Marketing
  2. click on Saved Searches
  3. select the required search (a description and a summary of the filters will appear below)
  4. click on Add

Saved searches can be useful to avoid applying filters each time: e.g. Multipacks expiring in 30 days from today (search to be launched at the beginning of the month).

You can also find this search in Reports -> Back Office -> Management of Marketing Searches, where you can see all the saved searches with the corresponding creation date and user. From this window you will be able to store or delete them. 

Why is it useful to save a search? Searches can be used at a later time without having to set all the filters again, e.g. outstanding payments.