You can activate a notification during sale to alert the seller in case a valid membership fee/medical certificate are required for a multipack/course. 

Please contact a Sportrick consultant to enable this option

To configure this option, please follow the steps described below:


  •  Planning -> Multipacks -> Access Types -> Detail -> Access -> tick the required box/es -> click on OK


  • Planning -> Course -> Course Summary -> apply the necessary filters -> click on Select All ->click on Edit -> click on Access -> tick the required box/es -> click on OK 


The system will alert the seller in case a multipack/course requires a valid membership fee and the client either doesn't have one or it has expired. Click on OK to proceed with the sale of the selected membership fee, otherwise click on Cancel to ignore it and proceed with just the sale of the multipack/course.


In case the user doesn't have a valid medical certificate and the multipack/course on sale requires it, the system will remind the seller. 

After the sale, it will be possible to add a medical certificate to the user's profile from Info -> Medical Certificate (in case there is a medical-certificate template) or through the Edit button (under the profile picture) -> Notes -> Expiry date of the medical certificate