Please follow the steps below to delete a service reservation 

  • from the service planner
    1. click on the reserved slot on the planner
    2. click on Delete Booking
    3. confirm the booking cancellation

  • from the user's profile
    1. open the user's profile
    2. click on Services (or Activities/Access Records) and click on Info

    3. click on General - Delete Booking
    4. Once the booking has been deleted, the situation will be as follows:

      • the service hadn't been paid -> payment still due

      • the service had been paid -> service still available for booking at no additional cost 

Please note that in case of multiple participants, it will be possible to delete the booking of the additional participants from their user profile by clicking on Activities/Access Records -> Info -> Actions -> Delete Reservation

Their booking will be deleted but the main participant (marked with a star in the service planner) will still keep their booking.

Additional participants can also be removed from the service planner (just click on the slot corresponding to the booking and then click on Remove. Please note that if the service has been partially paid or if the main participant has been marked as non payer (in case there are only two participants), it will not be possible to remove the additional participant.