Statistic details are useful filters for analysis purposes and they can also come in handy in case of integration with accounting programs. 

Analysis Purposes

An example will clarify the usefulness of statistic details for analysis: activity = Vinyasa Yoga - beginners level. This activity can have two statistic details:

  1. optional field: area where the activity takes place = studio 1
  2. optional field: group of activities it belongs to = fitness 
  3. optional field: type of activity = vinyasa
  4. optional field: skills required for the class = beginners

These details will be useful to group and categorise activities in reports

Accounting Purposes

Statistic details can also be used to categorise revenues, especially in case of integration with an accounting software.

In this case the statistic details could correspond to those of the accounting program. 


If for example the "swimming" activity needs to be classified with the code 400045, once this code has been added to the first optional field of the statistic details, all the courses related to swimming will inherit the code, unless differently specified in the statistic details of the individual course. 

For instance, among all the swimming courses available there might be a couple of courses with a rehabilitation program which needs to be registered on a different revenue centre. In this case it will be necessary to specify different statistic details for the course in comparison to the details of the main activity.

To add statistic details to a course click on Planning - Courses - Course Summary - apply the necessary filters - click on Detail and then on Statistic Details (or select more courses and then click on the big Edit button)