This manual summarizes the main issues that might occur with access control.

Useful Suggestions

If access control doesn't operate as expected, the best way to identify what causes the problem will be to follow the approach described below:

  • when nobody is allowed access, there might be a hardware/technical problem. In this case we suggest getting in touch with our support team:
  • when some of the clients experience issues with access control, the problem is functional. In this case, follow the suggestions in the table below. 

Functional Problems

Access denied due to expired or lack of membership fee/medical certificateCheck whether the option is active in the Settings 
Check whether the course/multipack has the option activated in its detailcourse: 

Access denied due to pending paymentCheck whether the option is active in the Settings 
No valid access rights Check the planning of the course/multipack
Check that the client isn't too early/late 
Access without valid subscriptionIf it is a specific client, check their subscription in the user profile
Client with more than one valid subscriptionThe issue lies in the early access. For example, if a course starts at 18:00 and clients can access 15 minutes early, from 17:45 they will be granted access, before 17:45 they will be blocked or the access will be deducted from another valid multipack .purchased by the client