List of topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. introduction
  3. booking
  4. agenda
  5. booking cancellation

1. Prerequisites

This manual only shows how to use the E-Commerce for bookings. 

The E-Commerce must have been pre-configured for the operations described in this manual to work correctly and a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts of SPORTRICK's planning is essential.

2. Introduction

This manual is a guide for booking procedures via the E-Commerce portal. Please note that only users registered in SPORTRICK (through the reception or through web registration) can use this online platform for booking.

3. Booking

To access the booking window, according to the way the portal has been configured, there are two possible paths: 
  • option one: click on the purple button on the right of the Home Page and then on New Booking 
  • option two: click on Booking -> New Booking on the menu on the left

Users will be prompted to select the desired activity to check its availability.


The colour of the slot suggests a different status:


the user has already booked that slot 


  1. bookable slot or 
  2. bookable slot with warning about another booked engagement at the same time on the same day or
  3. possibility to register on the waiting list (if available for that activity)


booking unavailable (e.g. the activity has already taken place or the user has exceeded the number of bookings in case of multipacks with booking limitations)

If the classes of a course or a service have various bookable slots on the same day at the same time, the system will group the available options, that can be dispalyed by clicking on the the corresponding string, as shown in the picture below. 

After selecting the desired slot, the system will provide a summary with the following details: 
  • activity
  • instructor (only for courses, if available)
  • date
  • time
  • duration (only for services)
  • cost (if the booked class/service is not included in the user's multipack)
  • remaining credit (if the booked class/service is included in the user's multipack and involves a credit deduction)
  • booked resources (just for services)
Click on "Confirm Booking" to complete the procedure.

The following message will pop up:

  • YES -> the system will go back to the timetable where it will be possible to book another slot of the same activity
  • NO -> the system will go back to the user's agenda with all their bookings that have yet to take place

According to the planning on SPORTRICK, the two possible scenarios after confirming the booking are described below:

for the booking of the selected class/service
the booking is included in the user's multipack, therefore it's free of charge. If the booking requires a credit deduction, the system will automatically update the remaining credit of the multipack.
for the booking of the selected class/service
if this option has been enabled, users won't need to purchase a multipack to book a class/service. Should the booking require payment, the price of the class/service will appear in the shopping basket. Customers have to complete the payment within 60 minutes*, otherwise the system will automatically empty the shopping basket and the booking will be cancelled. 
*it is possible to customise this option from the VAR portal: Configurations -> Settings -> insert code "10019" and 
specify Another useful setting is number 10019: it is possible to specify an interval in minutes, during which items will be kept in the shopping basket waiting for payment. If payment doesn't take place within this interval, the system will automatically empty the basket. 

4. Agenda

Users can find their bookings in three different sections of the E-Commerce:

  1. in the calendar on the Home Page
  2. in the Agenda 
  3. in the user's Profile under the Agenda section. Here bookings can be filtered by date. 

5. Booking Cancellation

Please refer to the following manual: How to Delete a Booking