In order to create a new user profile, click on Front Office and then click on 

after the creation of a user profile, the information about the user can be accessed through the Edit button

The fields are not mandatory except for name and surname. If you wish to make some fields mandatory, log into the VAR portal and click on Configurations -> Teams -> Team Permissions (next to the required team) -> Registry -> select YES next to each required entry under the Mandatory column. VAR credentials can be obtained by contacting

Available fields


  • Main Information
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Birth Place
    • Borough of Birth
    • Tax Code
    • VAT
  • Communications
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Mobile Phone
  • Address
    • Street
    • City
    • Borough 
    • Post Code
    • Country


  • Membership Card: proximity card for access control. Click on Read from Device to scan the card and assign it automatically to the user profile. If you click on Delete, the card will be unlinked from the user profile and it can be assigned to another user
  • Progressive ID: automatic number created by the system. For example, the first user's profile will have number 1 as progressive ID
  • NFC Tag: NFC technology on compatible smartphones can substitute a physical card as an alternative access-control method
  • Expiry Date of the Medical Certificate: please note that by editing this field any previous record will be lost. In order to keep a history of medical certificates or assign more than one to a user, it is recommended to create a type of medical certificate from the Settings and then assign it to the user (once the profile has been created) by clicking on Info->Medical Certificate
  • Expiry Date of the Medical Certificate (Competitive Level)
  • Tags: filters that can be applied to the user profile to help during marketing searches and analysis, the application of automatic promotions, block access, etc. For more info please see the corresponding manual
  • Consultant: person responsible for the user. To see how to create a consultant, please click here
  • Notes about the user
  • Certified Email (for E-Invoincing)
  • Recipient Code (for E-Invoincing)
  • Number of Manual-Access Records: it is possible to establish a limit to the manual access, that is, access enabled by the operator at the reception by entering the name of the customer without scanning the proximity card. The Reset button will reset the field to zero. 


  • Consent to receive emails and SMS
  • Operator/Trainer: select yes if the user is a member of staff
  • E-Commerce (to activate the E-Commerce for the first time, please ask a Sportrick consultant)
    • Enable E-Commerce
      • Create E-Commerce User: the system will require a password set up. It is mandatory to specify the user's email address in the main information of the user's profile, as it will be the user's ID to access the E-Commerce
      • Link User Account: select an account previously created in Settings - User Management - E-Commerce
      • Send Activation Email: the user will be notified via email about the creation of an E-Commerce account and will be prompted to change their password
  • Enable data transfer with eGym: to activate the integration with eGym please contact a Sportrick consultant

Please remember to click on Save Changes.

Sportrick offers the possibility of adding customised fields for additional information. For the creation of these fields please refer to the manual.

It will be possible to add info in the related area of the user profile.

The information will appear under the user's picture. 

Delete User Profile

To Delete a user profile click on Edit under the user's picture, then on Actions and then Delete. IMPORTANT: it is MANDATORY TO DELETE ALL USER'S PURCHASES AND BOOKINGS BEFORE DELETING THE PROFILE! Please follow the steps indicated in the following manuals:

Add a Picture to the User Profile

To add a picture to the user profile click on the image 

then choose a picture from a folder of the computer through the Browse button and then Save Changes.

To remove a picture click on None.

It is also possible to use the Facebook picture of the user or take a picture with the webcam by clicking on the corresponding button.