List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. configuration

1. Introduction

SPORTRICK allows the payment of pending amounts via the E-Commerce, which is useful for the payment of instalments. If for example a yearly membership is planned to comprise twelve instalments, when a customer attempts to buy it via the E-Commerce they will have to pay all the twelve instalments in one single transaction, which is not the intended purpose. However, if instalments are created during the sale of the membership from the reception (or you can still sell a multipack with pre-planned instalments, just not from the E-Commerce), it will be possible to enable the online payment for each one (when it is due). This operation can be only performed manually by a receptionist.

2. Configuration

From the payment window, click on the white icon next to each item that is still oustanding. 

In case of instalments, click on the corresponding section and then on the white icon. The window shown in the below picture will pop up. Select YES next to "Enable Web Payment", then click on OK to save.

Clients will just have to click on the trolley icon in their E-Commerce account to access the page where their outstanding payments are listed