List of Topics

  1. check access in real time
  2. check access records
  3. simulate access/exit without badge
  4. assign badge during access

1. Check Access in Real Time

The Access Control section shows entrance and exit records in real time. There is a list of the last 10 access records with a short description that provides info about the customer's subscription or the reason why the access has been denied.

A pop up will also inform about any access in real time without having to check the access-control section. 

2. Check Access Records

By clicking on List, it will be possible to check access records:

  • today: click on the button LOAD TODAY'S ACCESS RECORDS to view a list of the access/exit records of the current day     

 Icons: = access, = exit,  = blocked.

The Search field can help filter by customer, time, activity.


  • access history: you can filter access records by date (all records until the day prior to the current day). 

3. Simulate Access/Exit without Badge

To simulate the access of a user (for example if the user has forgotten his/her access badge) there are two options: 

  1. type in the first letters of the customer's name or surname and select them from the drop-down list (they will only show on the list if they have a registered user profile), then click on the yellow button 
  2. place the cursor in the first field and read the barcode with the appropriate reader, then click on the yellow button

To simulate an exit, click on the Exit button and follow the above-mentioned procedures.

4. Assign Badge during Access

If the scanned badge is not linked with any user, it is possible to proceed with the association by clicking on the Match button. Please remember that the user must have been already registered in the system to link the badge.

To activate this option, you will have to log into the VAR portal and click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings -> type in the search field the code 10120 -> click on Modify -> untick "use default value" and select YES -> click on OK.