To delete a user profile that has just been created, click on Edit under the user's picture, then on Actions and then Delete. 

If however there are other elements linked with the user profile, the above-described procedure cannot be followed before performing the checks listed below:

  • if the user is an instructor, it will be necessary to remove their name from the courses (from Plannings -> Courses -> Course Summary)
  • if the user is a resource and has been booked for a service, it will be necessary to remove all bookings from each user profile. To find out which customers have booked the resource, you can use Report -> Marketing, click on the Service filter and select the resource and dates, then click on Add and Show Results to see the list of all the customers who have a booking that has to be deleted
  • if the user is an operator, it will be necessary to delete their shifts (if they have been planned) from Reports -> Back Office -> Shifts
  • all bookings have to be deleted, as explained in the following manual: delete bookings
  • all purchases have to be deleted, as well as items that have yet to be paid. Please follow the instructions of the following manual: delete purchases
  • the user's name cannot be registered on a waiting list. It is possible to check following this path: open the user profile -> click con Activities/Access Records -> click on Waiting List. To remove the customer's name, click on the Delete button
  • if there are access records, the user profile cannot be deleted
  • if there are CRM tasks linked with the user profile, it cannot be deleted.

If the system doesn't allow the deletion of the user profile, there are two possible solutions:

  1. edit Name and Surname as recommended below, so that the user will end up at the bottom of the user list and it won't show up in future searches. Please remember to delete sensitive data such as address and contact details
    • Surname: X
    • Name: Anonymous
  2. configure the automatic anonymisation of user profiles which are no longer active (meaning that there are no valid multipacks/enrolments). More info about this option can be found in the following manual: User-Profile Anonymisation