List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. planning
  3. user case

1. Introduction

With SPORTRICK it is possible to plan the total cost of a multipack based on a daily price. This means that the system will calculate the total cost taking into consideration:

  • how much the multipack will be charged daily during a specific period of time
  • how many days the multipack is valid for.

Example: a multipack can cost 5£ a day during the summer months and then 7£ a day for the rest of the year.

2. Planning

Please note that this option is only available after the creation of a multipack price list. This means that if a multipack doesn't need a price list because it has a fixed duration and price, it will still be necessary to create a price list with a single row in order to be able to use the daily-price option.

Next to the name of the price list, click on Rows and then on Detail next to the row of the price list (or click on Add to create a row and then after it has been created, click on the Detail button). 


Fill in the following fields:

  1. starting date of the period when the daily price will be applied
  2. last date of the period when the daily price will be applied

  3. daily price that the system will apply during the specified period. 

click on Add Period to complete the configuration.

Please note that this procedure will have to be repeated for each price-list row individually, in needed.

3. User Case

  • Winter price list: valid from 01/09/2021 to 31/05/2022: the cost of the multipack will be 2£ a day;
  • Summer price list: valid from 01/06/2022 to 31/08/2022: the same multipack will cost 2,50£ a day;

therefore if the multipack is sold on the 25th of May 2022 with a thirty-day validity, the system will calculate the cost of the multipack in the following way:

  • from 25/05 to 31/05 -> 2.00£ x   7 = 14£   +
  • from 01/06 to 24/06 -> 2.50£ x 24 = 60£   =

                                                total price = 74£

This is the result during the sale of a thirty-day multipack planned this way:

  1. the system will consider the current day as the first day of validity of the multipack. It that isn't the case, type in the desired date and then click on select next to the desired price-list row
  2. the system will show the number of days with a specific price (according to the planning) and the total of price of the multipack.