List of Topics

  1. introduction;
  2. activation;
  3. tag creation;
  4. document upload

1. Introduction

User-related documentation (signed contracts, photocopies, privacy regulation, workout routine, diet...) can be uploaded in the E-Commerce profile of clients as shown below.

2. Activation

To activate this option, please access the VAR portal and click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configuration -> E-Commerce -> Profile, then click on override next to Show documentation and mark YES. Save the changes.

To activate the integration with a cloud provider for data storage, click on Configurations -> Integrations and then on the Connect button next to the desired integration. The system will ask you to insert the credentials of your cloud account, so make sure that you have created one first! 

3. Tag Creation

The creation of a tag is mandatory for documents to be visible on the E-Commerce profile and it is also useful to categorise documents. The tag will not be visible on the E-Commerce, only documents. Users can download them on their own device.

Tags can be created from Settings -> Tags -> Documents. Please remember to select the E-Commerce visibility option.

4. Document Upload

Documents can be uploaded in various ways:

  1. by the client during web registration (if this option has been configured). Please note that this option only allows customers to upload specific files during their registration. Customers who are already registered cannot upload files on their own initiative;
  2. by the operator directly from the user profile (Documents -> Cloud Documents):
    1. through the pc webcam or a webcam scanner 
    2. through a wacom tablet after the customer has signed a pre-configured document. Please contact your SPORTRICK consultant for more info about this option 
    3. through a file stored on a local folder that will ben then stored on the integrated cloud account (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive..). Remember to assign a tag to the document! Please note that once you have clicked on OK the tag cannot be edited.