List of topics

  1. introduction
  2. pre-requisites
  3. planning
  4. booking
    • Timetable
    • E-Commerce

1. Introduction

SPORTRICK allows clients to book a class or activity without necessarily having to enrol or buy a membership. This option can be useful when it comes to:

  • trial classes (classes booked before enrolling onto a course or buying a full membership)
  • pay as you go classes, when customers can still participate in fitness classes and pay for each booking rather than buying a fitness membership. Useful to enable clients to have a look at the timetable before deciding whether to book or not
  • participation in events, seminaries, special classes.

The above-mentioned examples are called "Free Booking" in SPORTRICK. 

The activity can be booked at an additional cost or free of charge. 

2. Pre-requisites

In order to easily follow the instructions of this manual, the knowledge of the following topics is required:

3. Planning

The steps to set up this option are listed below:

1) create the corresponding activity from the Settings and enable the following:

  • Free Booking
  • in case the activity can be booked via E-Commerce, the corresponding option has to be enabled 

then click on OK to save

2) plan the timetable of the course

3) create a price list: please note that a price list won't be necessary if the booking is free of charge. Just skip to step 5. 

From Planning -> Courses -> Price Lists, select the activity and the season used for the planning of the course. In the two price fields insert 1 as a value. The admin-fee field is not required. Click on Add to save

4) once the price list has been created, click on Detail to enable the sale of the individual class:

  1. in the two price fields insert the price of the booking. The admin-fee field is not required
  2. select the box to enable the booking of the single class
  3. once enabled, specify once more how much clients will be charged for each booking. Please also select the corresponding tax

  4. the class can also be available for sale (and therefore booking) on the E-Commerce. In the box it is possible to insert a brief description of the activity available for booking to provide more info to the customer

  5. click on OK to save the changes

5) to complete the configuration process for E-Commerce free bookings, please access the VAR portal (you can request your credentials to and follow the steps listed below:

  • Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Ecommerce -> Booking: "Check sold object during free booking" -> select YES -> click on Save
  • Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Ecommerce -> Booking: "Enable Free Booking" > select YES -> click on Save
  • Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings -> insert the code 10062 in the serach field. To activate the option (Allow Bookings in E-Commerce without valid purchase) click on Modify, untick the default-value box and select YES, then click on OK to save.

4. Booking

After the planning has been completed, the class can be booked from SPORTRICK's Timetable or from the E-Commerce:


  1. double click on the slot corresponding to the class 
  2. type the name of the person in the Add-Attendee field and click on Add. Please note that the person must have a user profile registered in SPORTRICK to be added as a participant
  3. if the booking requires the payment of a fee, it will be added to the user's profile in the Payment section and will be considered pending until the client completes the payment


  1. on the left-hand side menu of the E-Commerce portal, click on Booking -> New Booking. It is also possible to click on the purple button of the Home Page to access the booking window
  2. select the activity 
  3. select the desired slot to book the class 
  4. confirm the booking  
  5. if the booking has a cost, the amount will be added in the shopping cart. Please note items in the shopping cart will be removed after 60 minutes in case the customer doesn't proceed with the payment. In this case, the booking will be automatically cancelled. To set up payments in the E-Commerce, please refer to the manual about E-Commerce payments.

Booking Cancellation

Please refer to the following manual: How to Delete a Booking