This integration functionality allows combining a Mywellness CRM group with a Sportrick Multipack. This combination ensures that when a client purchases a specific Multipack, they will automatically belong to the connected group in Mywellness CRM and have the rights reserved for this group (such as class reservations, services, etc.). To achieve this, it is necessary to configure the Multipacks correctly in Sportrick and link them to the correct Mywellness Group.


Firstly, it is necessary to have properly planned all types of Multipacks in Planning. Then, you can associate a Mywellness group with the Multipack:

  1. Navigate to Planning → Multipacks → Multipacks and access the details of the Multipack by clicking on the INFO button.
  2. From the integrations section, select the connect option
  3. Choose the group from the menu
  4. Save before exiting


  • You can create a Mywellness group from Sportrick. However, it is recommended to create the groups directly in the Mywellness CRM to configure all options during the initial creation.
  • Each Multipack can only be associated with one Mywellness group, but the same Mywellness group can be associated with multiple Multipacks.
  • For more information on configuring Mywellness group permissions, please contact your Technogym consultant.


On the Front Office side, a client's membership in a Mywellness group will take effect when purchasing a Multipack associated with that group. When the Multipack expires, the membership in the group will also be automatically removed in Mywellness CRM.

Synchronization of Multipack-Group Association in Case of Suspension, Return, or Natural Expiration of Membership

In case of suspension, return, or natural expiration of the Multipack, these changes will be updated in real-time in the Mywellness CRM for both the membership (Multipack) and its expiration date.

Additionally, if the Multipack is linked to a Mywellness Group, the group rights will be disabled during the suspension period or completely removed in case of return or natural expiration.