It is possible to configure a notification that informs the operator about the requirement of a valid membership fee for the sale of specific multipacks/courses/services.

The notification will pop up in the following cases:

  • in the user profile there isn't a valid membership fee;
  • in the user profile there is a membership fee but its validity starts at a later date compared to the date of sale;
  • in the user profile there is a membership fee but it hasn't been paid yet.

The membership fee has to be valid at the moment of sale, otherwise the notification will pop up. 

If for example the enrolment on a course that starts in September is sold in August and the customer has already purchased a membership fee that is valid from September, the system will suggest the sale of a membership fee, since at the moment of sale (August) the customer doesn't have a valid membership fee.

IMPORTANT: the notification of the picture above doesn't pop up by default. Please follow the instructions in the table below to enable it:


enable the option for the membership-fee requirement:

  • access type (multipack)  
  • courses (the option can be enabled either during the planning of a course or after, from the Course Summary) 
  • services 
After logging into the VAR portal, click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings -> type in the search field the following code: 10099 -> click on Modify -> untick the following option: Use Default Value Setting -> select YES -> click on OK.