It is possible to sell the same items at the same sale conditions by clicking on the purchased item in the user's profile and then on Renewal


the first day of validity can be the day after the previous multipack expires or a date that can be chosen by the operator (select Free)

once you have clicked on OK to confirm the changes, you can edit the price (if needed) by clicking on the corresponding button.

The enrolment will be renewed onto the next available course (if planned) at the same conditions of sale.

The system will provide a summary with the possibility of editing the final price or apply a discount. by clicking on the Detail button

The logic to find a course for renewal is the following:

  1. the system looks for a course with the following characteristics:
    1. it starts after the end of the current course 
    2. it has been planned within the same season of the current course
    3. it has the same duration (trimester, semester...)
  2. in case no course corresponds to the criteria, it will pick a course in the following season with the earliest starting date and the same duration of expiring one