List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. pre-requisites
  3. configuration
  4. how it works
  5. is it possible to apply different types of suspension?

1. Introduction

Customers can be given the option to freeze their multipack from their E-Commerce account.

Once applied, the multipack's validity will be postponed by a number of days equal to the suspension's length. 

2. Pre-Requisites

To fully understand this manual it is mandatory to know how to plan a suspension. Please refer to this manual: Planning of Multipack Suspensions.

3. Configuration

In the detail of the planned suspension, it is necessary to enable the option to apply it from the E-Commerce (as shown in the picture below). It is also possible to specify a name and description to help customers understand what the suspension entails.

If freezing a multipack requires the payment of a fee, it will have to be specified so that the system will automatically add the amount into the shopping basket. 


IMPORTANT: each multipack that can be suspended must be linked with a suspension type, otherwise customers won't be able to freeze it.

The picture below shows an example of supension added to the details of a multipack.

4. How It Works

On their E-Commerce account, customers will find a button to freeze their multipack (see picture below). 

After clicking on Freeze, it will be possible to choose the type of suspension:

Selected suspension from the drop-down menu.
The customer cannot choose a start date for the suspension, since the system will automatically select the current day. 
If the customer needs to start the suspension at a later date, they will have to contact the reception of the club.
If the suspension is based on the solar month, the multipack will be frozen from the first day of the next month. Example: if in October the customer needs to freeze their multipack, the suspension of the validity will start on the 1st of November, since it is based on the solar month.
The end of the suspension period corresponds to the date specified in the planning. If no fixed length has been provided in the planning, the customer will have to contact the reception of the club to re-activate their membership.
The operator will have to open the user profile, click on the name of the multipack, open the Suspension section, click on Edit add the end date of the suspension period, then click on OK).   
If freezing a multipack involves the payment of a fee, the corresponding amount will be added in the shopping basket. Please note that the suspension won't be applied if the customer doesn't pay the fee before the basket gets automatically emptied. 
(OPTIONAL) The customer can type the reason why they require to freeze their multipack.

The system will update the status of the multipack with a tag to indicate that its validity has been suspended.

The user profile registered in SPORTRICK will be updated accordingly.

4. Is It Possible to Apply Different Types of Suspension?

It is possible to link more than one suspension type to a multipack to offer the customer the possibility to choose between different suspension types.