With SPORTRICK it is possible to delete a sale (for example in case of mistakes). Depending on whether payment has taken place, the cancellation procedure varies:

  1. THE ITEM HASN'T BEEN PAID YET: in this case the item can be found in the Payment section of the user profile 
    • click on Profile and then on the name of the item whose sale has to be cancelled
    • click on Actions -> Delete. The item will disappear from the user's profile. If this button is not visible, it means that it has already been paid or part of it has been paid (instalments). In this case, follow the instructions below (point 2).  
  2. THE ITEM HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID: in this case it will be mandatory to delete the corresponding sale document first (see manual) and then follow the steps previously listed (point 1).

How to Delete an Enrolment with Attendance Required more than Once a Week

Please note that in case the item to be deleted is a course with bi-weekly attendance or anyway more than once a week, it will be necessary to click on the Detail button in the Summary of the course to find the Delete button on the right-hand side of the screen. This is because it is possible to delete the enrolment on one day of the week while keeping the other one.

How to Delete an Item Included in an SDD File

In this case it will be necessary to delete the SDD file first (click here for more info) and then follow the steps described at the beginning of this manual.