A season refers to the period of activity of the club.

It is mandatory to create a season and its sub-seasons in order to correctly plan your courses.

To create a new season click on Planning - Season - Add

each season requires:

  • Name
  • First day of the season
  • End of the season
  • Sub-seasons: this sub-division is very important for the planning and subsequent sale of courses
    • Example #1: a swimming course is sold by trimester -> division of the season in trimesters (sub-seasons) that can be planned and sold by trimester;
    • Example #2: a swimming course is sold by month, trimester, semester, etc. -> division of the season in months (sub-seasons). According to the duration of the subscription, sub-seasons (months in this case) can be summed up during the sale. Example: trimester = selection of three months.
    • Example #3: in case fitness activities often vary their schedule (such as classes that customers can book each time), the season can be divided in months or weeks to plan activities time after time according to the changes in the calendar.

In case activities start and end at different time of the year, it will be possible to create various seasons. Example: Tennis course starts on the 15th of September and ends on the 30th of June = Tennis Season

Swimming course starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 15th of June = Swimming Season

Once a season has been created, the system will automatically divide it into the specified sub-seasons, which will be shown in a table. Names and dates can be changed through the edit button. 

IMPORTANT: after the planning of courses, changing the date of start and/or end of the season/sub-season will not update the duration of courses. It is always recommended to store the season/sub-season and create a new one and then assign it to the necessary courses.


If a season has already been created and there is the need to add new sub-seasons or edit already-existing sub-seasons, click on the name of the season and click on the button Add or Edit in the table below.

For each sub-season you will need to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Sub-season type
  • Starting date of the sub-season
  • End date of the sub-season
  • Start of Pre-emption (for E-Commerce sales)
  • End of Pre-emption (for E-Commerce sales)

Important: the button Delete will delete the season/sub-season but it can only be used if they haven't been involved in the planning of courses. Conversely, the facility/area can be stored (Edit -> Store). This means that they will no longer be in use but they will be kept in the system for record purposes.