List of Topics

  1. introduction
  2. pre-requisites
  3. configuration

1. Introduction

This manual shows how it is possible to group courses to quickly add them to a multipack for booking.

In ordert to do so, it is necessary to create tags.

2. Pre-Requisites

To fully understand this manual, the knowledge of the following topics is required:

3. Configuration

The first step is to create the necessary tags that will be assigned to courses. An example of tag can be a general one that can be assigned to all courses, or specific ones, such as peak and off-peak.

Tags can be assigned to courses from the Course Summary.


  • select all courses and assign the general Fitness tag or
  • select courses that take place at a specific time and assign the off-peak or the peak tag.

Then select the necessary tag in the details of the multipack. 


  • fitness tag -> customers will be allowed to book all the available courses
  • peak/off peak tag -> customers will only be allowed to book courses taking place at specific times.

Another example can be the use of tags to deduct more or less credit according to the type of class that customers book.