With a suspension it is possible to temporarily freeze the validity of a multipack for a certain period. 

This means that the multipack will have an extended validity according to the number of days it was frozen for.

Please note that it isn't possible to freeze enrolments. 

Below you can find the steps to freeze a multipack:

  1. open the user profile and click on the multipack that you intend to freeze
  2. click on Suspensions -> Add to choose a suspension or you can also click on Freeze to complete the procedure. Please note that it is mandatory to create a suspension in the Planning before freezing a multipack. You can refer to the manual about Suspensions to learn how to create one
  3. choose the suspension from the drop-down menu. There can be different possible scenarios:

    free choice of suspension or suspension/s specified in the details of the multipack during the planning 

    • select the suspension

    • specify the start of the suspension

    • specify the end of the suspension (the system automatically sets the last day of the suspension according to the duration specified in the planning, but it can be changed). This field can also be left blank if the date is unknown. It will be possible to specify it at a later stage 
    • penalty: additional fee for the suspension (optional)
    • notes about the suspension

    • click on OK to add the suspension

    Please note that suspensions can be applied for a potentially unlimited number of times

    solar month

    The multipack will be frozen for the entire duration of the selected month. To freeze the multopack for more than one month, it will be necessary to apply and individual suspension for each individual month. The system will notify how many months the multipack can be frozen for (according to the planning of the suspension). It is also possible to add notes about the reason for freezing the multipack.

The icon informs that the multipack is currently suspended.

You can still edit/delete the suspension in the details of the suspended multipack.

Please note that you can only delete them if the starting date is in the future. Past suspensions cannot be deleted.