There are two ways to assign a proximity card to a user for access:

  • you can open the user's profile and click on Shortcuts, then click on Assign Card and scan the proximity card that will be assigned to the user to access the facility. Click on Save Changes to complete the procedure


  • you can assign a proximity card by reading it with the access-control device and then clicking on the Match button. Please remember that the user must have been already registered in the system to link the proximity card.

    This option is not available by default, it will have to be enabled by logging into the VAR portal and clicking on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings. In the search field, type the code 10120 and click on Modify. You will have to untick "use default value" and select YES. Click on OK to save the changes.


  • Where are the details of the proximity card assigned to a user?

The card details will be available in the user's profile 

if this section is not visible, click on Edit under the user-profile picture and then on Notes

  • Is it possible to charge customers when they are provided with a proximity card?

It is possible to charge customers when they receive their card. To do so, it will be necessary to create a Proshop item (please see how in the corresponding manual) with the desired price. After confirming the creation of the item, click on Edit and copy the item's ID.

Then log into the VAR portal and click on Managed Environments -> View More -> Configurations -> Settings -> type 10131 in the search field and then click on Modify next to the following option "ID of the Item to sell at badge assignment", then paste the item's ID and click on OK to save.

After completing the configuration, the corresponding amount will show up in the Payment section of the user's profile each time a proximity card is assigned to customers.

  • Is it possible to provide a customer with more than one proximity card?

Should a customer require more than one card for access, for example in case of children and parents, please refer to the following manual: How to assign multiple cards to a single customer