With Sportrick you can book a single service for more than one person.

First, you will have to open the service planner and double click on a slot to book a person in. This person will be the main person responsible for the reservation. 

Once you have clicked on OK a new window will open up. Click on Confirm

Back on the service planner, click on the slot you have just reserved and you will notice that the person you have chosen has a star  next to his/her name. 

You can add more participants to the service through the Add button


The booking will be visible in the user's profile:

  • main participant: in the Service section and in the Activities/Access Records section
  • additional participant: in the Activities/Access Records section only

If the option has been enabled in Planning - Services - Details (see image below) the cost of the service can be split evenly among the participants (if required). Otherwise, if the option is not enabled, additional participants will not pay for the service.

You might decide to let just some participants pay, all of them or just one of them.

Shortcut to payment window: click on a participant's name in the table.

Below you can find an example:

    One of the participants will not pay for the service

After clicking on "does not pay" the cross becomes a green icon, meaning that payment has been sorted out for that customer.


Once part of the total amount has been paid it won't be possible to remove the other participants and leave the final amount unpaid. 

The person marked with the star cannot be removed but it is still possible for them to avoid payment if other participants cover the cost of the service. 

Remove a participant

  • from the service planner: 
    • click on the reserved slot 
    • click on Remove

  • from the user's profile
    • open the user's profile of the participant and go to Activities/Access Records. Then click on Info
    • click on Actions -> Delete Reservation