The white list allows a different option of access in addition to the proximity card: barcodes.

An anonymous ticket with a barcode is valid as a pass to grant access to the club (a barcode reader is required).

To manage the white list click on Settings -> Main Settings -> White List and tick the box to Enable the White List.           

  • Numbers Only: if selected, the barcode will be made up of numbers only (mandatory for barcodes printed with an Epson printer). Alternatively, untick this option to create barcodes with both numbers and letters. 
  • Company Code: these three chars are mandatory. This will prevent mixing the number on the proximity card with the numbers of the barcode. If you use a "Number-Only Code" these chars need to be numbers, otherwise you will have to use capital letters
  • Barcode Expiry Date:e validity of barcodes. Please note that barcode validity is checked on access rather than exit. Therefore if the validity is 1 hour, the person can get in and out scanning the same barcode for a maximum of 1 hour before the barcode expires and is no longer valid for access.

To create barcodes and print them, click on 

Creation of a white list

Creation of barcodes

specify the number of codes to be created and click on the yellow button. Every creation of barcodes will have its own session number (numeration). Please be aware that the minimum number of barcodes is 21. The system will generate multiples of 21, so if the number provided is for instance 40, the system will generate 42 barcodes.

Print Barcodes: to print barcodes in PDF format or export them in Excel format the session number is required. Tick the box to print/export the active codes only.

Delete Barcodes: you can delete all active barcodes of a session.

The system also provides an overview of the barcodes created, the active ones and the used ones.