Card models are used for club/sport-association registration, which might be compulsory in some countries. This is mainly done for insurance purposes or affiliation.

A card can be assigned to a user manually or automatically in case it requires the payment of a fee.

To charge a fee, it will be necessary to register this fee in the planning and link it with the card model that the system will automatically assign to the user when the fee is sold. Please refer to this manual for more info.

To assign it manually, please follow the steps below:

1. open the user's profile and click on Info -> Card Models -> Add. Please note that first you will have to create a card model in the Settings.

2. provide the below details and click on OK to confirm:

  • card type
  • number: you can add it manually by deselecting the Auto box or mark Auto if you have previously created a Card Numerator
  • expiry date (optional)
  • notes

it is possible to edit a card through the Detail button

To delete it, click on the arrow next to the Detail button and the Delete button will appear.