In order to set up a membership fee, click on Planning - Membership Fees and on the button

please specify:

  • Price
  • E-Commerce: tick the boxes to allow customers to purchase/renew their membership fee online
  • Duration: select the length of the validity from the drop-down menu

Once you select a value for the duration you will be able to specify the length in a new field that will appear next to the duration.

Click on Confirm to save the changes.

If you click on Edit next to the membership fee you have created you will be able to add more details.

Here is the full list of editable details:

  • Info:
    • Name
    • Duration
  • Price:
    • Price
    • Taxes (always recommended to make the most of Sportrick's potential. In case of tax exemption create a tax with value = 0. Click here to see how to create a tax)
    • Renewable Item
    • New Sale
    • Description
  • Statistic Details
    • Optional Fields: the membership fee/card can be linked to key words (optional fields) so that it can be easier to filter/group into categories for analysis and reports. For more info please click here
  • More
    • Notes
    • Store: the Delete button will permanently remove the membership fee. By storing it instead, the membership fee will no longer be available for sale but it will be kept for record purposes
    • Card Type: pick a card model that will be automatically assigned to the customer once the membership fee is sold (see Card Models). This option is only useful for sports club/societies affiliation.
    • Activity: activity related to the membership fee (for analysis purposes). To create an activity click on Settings -> Activities