List of Topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. user case
  3. multipack configuration
  4. receipt configuration

1. Pre-requisites

Please note that this manual requires an in-depth knowlege of SPORTRICK's accounting and multipack planning. The following manuals can be useful to revise some topics:

  1. access type
  2. courses
  3. automatic renewal
  4. taxes
  5. document templates

2. User Case

This manual shows the configuration of the following user case:

  • gym subscription including fitness classes with autorenewal at the end of the month. Cost = 23£ a month
  • after the third month, clients are granted a reduced monthly fee: from 23£ to 20£. Their subscription will also include access to the spa. 

3. Multipack Configuration

This type of commercial offer cannot be configured as a single multipack. It is necessary to create two multipacks. The following procedure explains how to configure them:

  1. Creation of a multipack (e.g. promo membership) with the following details:
    • price = 69£ (23£ x 3 months)
    • duration = 3 months
  2. insert the access type for the gym and the fitness courses that customers can book with this multipack  
  3. click on AUTOMATIC CREATION OF INSTALMENTS, select ENABLE INSTALMENTS and click on CREATE INSTALMENTS (if you don't see this section, you will have to activate it from the VAR portal: Managed Environments -> View More ->  Configurations -> Settings -> type the code 10104 in the search field corresponding to the option: "Multipack pricelist: Enable automatic installments / advances", click on Modify and untick "Use Default Value", then click on YES and then OK. You can request the access credentials to the VAR portal by writing to 
  4. configure the instalments as the example below: 
  5. the system will create three instalment, each due on the first day of the month (the instalments will appear automatically in the payment window of the user's profile after the sale of the multipack). Don't forget to save changes!
  6. create the second multipack (e.g. reduced promo membership) with the following details:
    • price = 20£ 
    • duration = 1 month
  7. add the access type for the gym and the spa and the fitness courses that customers can book with this multipack 
  8. in the Main-Information section, mark the multipack as STORED. This will prevent the sale of this multipack on its own (Front-Office operators won't find it in the list of multipacks available for sale) and therefore it will only exist as auto-renewal of the promo membership. Save the changes 
  9. activate the automatic renewal and decide whether to use the default cancellation notice or a customised value. It is also possible to allow the cancellation of the automatic renewal via the E-Commerce. Then save the changes 
  10. repeat the same for the promo membership and select the reduced promo membership in the "renew with a different multipack" field. This will prompt the auto-renewal of the promo membership (at the end of the three months) into the reduced promo membership. Save the changes. 

4. Receipt Configuration

After the first three months, the multipack will renew into the reduced promo membership and this name will also show on the receipt. In order to keep the name of the first multipack on the receipt, so that clients don't notice any change, please follow these steps:

  1. MULTIPACK: in the details of the reduced promo membership, insert the name of the trimestral multipack (promo membership) in the "E-Commerce Description" field and save. This will ensure that after selling the reduced promo membership, the name on the receipt will be promo membership. Another option is to provide both multipacks with a name that customers will see on the receipt but it will be different in SPORTRICK's Back Office and Front Office windows. Example: name of the multipacks in SPORTRICK = promo membership and reduced promo membership vs name on the receipt after the sale of each multipack = loyalty membership
  2. DOCUMENT: in the details of the document template used as receipt, it is necessary to create a customised description. WARNING: if this customised description-pattern is created for a document template that is used for all multipacks, it will be necessary to fill the "E-Commerce Description" field of each multipack, otherwise the name of the multipack on the receipt will be blank!
  3. TAX: please make sure that the document template is linked with the tax assigned to the multipacks!