Open the user's profile and click on the row of the course to be renewed

Please note that the system checks the first available period for renewal with the following characteristics:

  1. within the current season 
  2. with a starting date later than the last day of validity of the current course
  3. same type of course (same day, time, validity). If for example the course lasts for a semester, it will not be possible to renew it on a course with a bimestral validity
  4. in case there is no match found in the current season, the system will take into consideration the following season (please note that the name of the enrolment provided in Planning -> Courses -> Course Sale must correspond between the two seasons, otherwise the system won't be able to renew the enrolment).

The course can be renewed through the Renewal button

to change the price/apply a discount

it is necessary to click on the yellow button   to confirm the renewal