List of Topics

  1. pre-requisites
  2. user case
  3. configuration
  4. booking

1. Pre-Requisites

This manual requires a detailed knowledge of SPORTRICK's basics, as well as a full understanding of the configuration of the E-Commerce portal.

2. User Case

Clients can book their training slot online according to availability.

3. Configuration

  1. Create an activity (e.g. WEIGHT ROOM)
  2. activate the activity's online sale and booking 
  3. create a specific area for the booking of the activity (e.g. LIMITED-CAPACITY WEIGHT ROOM). It is also possible to use an already existing area

  4. create a season and/or sub-season (or use an existing one)  
  5. plan the course corresponding to the weight room. Although it isn't an actual course, this configuration is mandatory for booking to work. Please remeber to fill in the capacity field with the maximum number of people (and bookings) allowed for each time slot.
    The "Next Hour" button is useful to speed up the planning: after creating the first time slot, by pressing that button the system will automatically change the time by one hour (e.g. after planning the first sixty-minute time slot at 8 AM, by clicking on "next hour", the time will automatically change into 9 AM. After clicking on Add to create the "course", just carry on forwarding the time and click on Add to finish the planning of all the necessary time slots) 
  6. create the multipack, remembering to activate the options for online purchase and booking and to select the corresponding activity. Click on save otherwise you'll lose the changes!Don't forget to select the activity that customers will book!

4. Booking

Customers will be able to purchase the multipack via their E-Commerce (remember to configure E-Commerce payments!)

After payment, clients will just have to open the booking section of the E-Commerce and select the desired time slot.

Should clients experience difficulties with the booking via E-Commerce, operators at the reception can book the desired time slot from SPORTRICK's Timetable or from the user's profile.


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